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Join GoodSearch!

We'd like to celebrate a NADA rockstar - Yiara Blanco. She is in Connecticut, and to date {jcomments on}she has helped raise $19 through the search engine GoodSearch for NADA. This is half of the total amount raised, and there are currently 42 people registered with GoodSearch.

Every time you search the web, if you use GoodSearch, a penny will be donated to NADA. This is so easy!!!! Click here to register: www.goodsearch.com

From Yiara:
"My secret is no secret at all. I have made goodsearch my homepage at my work computer, home computer and even on my phone. So every time I have to search something, instead of google being my search page, I use GoodSearch.

"Also, I do a fair amount of shopping on-line, and the goodshop area makes it easy. I look for the store, click on shop now and they give a percentage of what I buy to NADA. I'm going to buy these things anyway, so I go through goodshop and money goes to a cause I support! Now with holidays coming around, this is going to increase even more as I look for flyers, compare prices and do some more on-line shopping. Our NADA colleagues could also use this time to jump on the Goodsearch wagon!
"I do what I can for the cause I believe in...and NADA is something I have seen in action and truly believe in! By the way, thanks for the information on the NADA associates in Puerto Rico, I am actually going to present our experience with the protocol at the Psychology Convention in November."

Join www.goodsearch.com!!!!

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