We’re excited and grateful to report the success of our 2021 Membership Drive.

We’d like to extend a special thank you to everyone who joined or renewed their membership. Welcome and welcome back! Thank you for your support of our collective work to make the NADA protocol available to all.

In just two weeks, 183 members joined and renewed their memberships. With your support, we raised $20,000.

Membership dues go toward supporting all that we do to serve the NADA community. It’s never too late, renew/join today.

“We appreciate each and every NADA member. Thank you to all who have renewed their support for this small but mighty grassroots organization – our job is to serve our members, so that they may serve and help others with the NADA protocol, and keep the legacy moving forward, moving globally, creating movement towards access to holistic health as a right of all communities.†– Sara Bursac, Executive Director

Together we are not only surviving the last year, but continuing to shape NADA’s future.

NADA is needed more than ever. Thank you for your support so that we may better serve you, our members, and this growing movement.

So far in 2021 we have:

  • Launched our new Member Portal,
  • Hosted 11 virtual events,
  • Published 2 Guidepoints Issues, and
  • Announced our new mission, vision, and values statement.

Looking forward, Membership dues support:

  • Growing the Spirit of NADA Fund,
  • Ongoing programming including: two more Fall events, monthly Membership Cafés, & our History Series,
  • Developing new resources, as requested by members, and
  • Expanding staff capacity to meet the needs of our membership & trainers.

Check-out the Membership Portal and follow-us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date.