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Michael Smith

October 16, 1942 – December 24, 2017

Articles below were originally printed in the Michael Smith tribute Guidepoints Newsletter.

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A Tribute to Dr. Michael Smith – Sheila Murphy

So the question now is, what do we do without him? Michael Smith was a doctor, a great doctor. He was born in California and when he got his medical degree as a psychiatrist, he could have stayed right there in California, say Santa Monica, and had a beautiful life...

Compilation of Michael Smith’s writing

NADA is not like a pill. A pill doesn’t have wisdom – but acupuncture has wisdom from the very first. Pills do the same thing every time, but very few things in life are like that. Acupuncture is nothing like that. It...

Mike’s Bio

This picture shows the 25th year celebration of our acupuncture detox organization, NADA. My friends surprised me by secretly inviting my two daughters to the New Orleans’ conference. My eldest daughter Jessica (r) teaches French in a public junior...

Spirituality and the Serenity Prayer

by Dr. Michael Smith Presented at NADA Annual Conference in New York City, 1995. The Serenity Prayer God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference. ~ Reinhold Niebuhr When I do...

So, no. A typical doctor he was not.

My sister and I are deeply touched by all the expressions of love, praise and respect for our father that have come from everyone and around the world.  He has clearly left a deep impression.  You tell us he is present in your thoughts,...

Dr. Michael Smith was a pioneer

NADA’s mission has a core, a sensitive central nervous system.  When any part of it gets hurt, the pain travels to every part.  Sooner or later, it reaches everyone. Dr. Michael Smith was a pioneer, our mentor, our hero and...

The Spirit of NADA is service – people grow and we grow through the people we serve.

We’ve done a great deal to have gotten to this point where we are today. But now we must hand off our knowledge and this is not always easy. But we must begin to plan how it can be done.

Yes, I really appreciate what we’ve done so far, but I appreciate even more what we might do.

Michael Smith


Interaction and richness is what works. Your message must be variable – it’s what you bring to the situation.

Keep it simple so complicated things can happen.

Make it complicated and the client won’t understand. If you want to change a person’s life with a 10-second message, it has to mean something to that person.

Intelligence and wealth and process is inside the client, not inside the practitioner.

Michael Smith


Acupuncture is a living thing. It’s like a message or a lesson – once the body learns the lesson, you don’t need the treatment.

It’s a whispered suggestion – when you speak to a client, speak so that the person can take it in. Say similar things, not unique things.

Don’t tell people new ideas – make them safe and then let the ideas pop up.

Make what’s already there rich – help to value and honor it.

Michael Smith


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