September 23rd 2022

To Registered Trainers (RTs),

The National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) has implemented a new membership and online Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist (ADS) training application process. This new system uses online forms to make it faster and easier for ADS trainees:
  • to pay for membership
  • to register and pay for training
  • to expeditiously receive ADS Certificates when their training is completed
The ADS application is an online form which the respective RTs  will review, approve and  submit to the NADA office. This is a more organized process that will allow for swifter processing and will be required prior to RTs starting a training.
  • All  training events and membership fees will be paid through the website by the trainee.
  • RTs will receive 85% of the training fee that each trainee pays through the website.
  • RTs no longer have to submit training fees.  This will be executed through the website.
  • An agency paying for training: Specific codes will be issued in these cases.
    Using specific codes, the Trainees will complete the online ADS Training Application Form.

Posting a Training: 

Those RT’s  requesting to post and conduct trainings  must have  current ADS and RT status with NADA and will be required to upload the following:

One time only
  • NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)
  • W9
  • Liability Insurance
Per Training
  • Copy of Syllabus
  • Dates of Training
  • Place of Training
  • Apprentice support and contact information (if applicable)
  • Cost of Training
  • Contact information to pre-screen applicants

Emailing and/or mailing hard copies(paper) of documents will no longer be accepted for trainings scheduled after October 1, 2022.  

The system will also serve as  the warehouse for all required documents. This ensures  easy access to documents as well as providing assurance that all requirements  remain updated, keeping  RTs and our organization immune to insurance/non-compliance related issues.

Once uploaded, the training event details can be submitted by clicking on “Submit Training Event” on the “Trainers” section of the website.
  • Once complete, NADA staff will  establish a Unique Website Address (URL) that is linked to the RT.  An  example of this would be:’s first name
  • Your specific  URL can be used repeatedly for your hosted training and to enroll ADS Trainees.
  • Once a Trainee signs up, they input their credit card/payment information to pay for their annual NADA Membership and for their tuition.
  • The RT automatically receives 85% of training fees and will subsequently receive an email notification of the completed online ADS application (completed after submitting their payment).
  • This process significantly completes payment in one day, inclusive of computing the  calculations, collecting  funds, and initiating payment to the RT.
  •  This digital method expedites our processes.
  • Alternatively, an RT can request a check in the mail if they are not able to  use paypal to receive money electronically. If an RT chooses this route, it requires additional processing time that may take up to several weeks to receive a hard  check in the mail, following the registration of all trainees in the system.


Keep In Mind
  • RTs should not publicly post their unique URL, but provide it only to individuals that plan to take the training course.
  • There will be no refunds provided by NADA. Each RT assumes responsibility for a trainee once they’re entered into the system.

RTs still have full control how they choose to promote, run and complete their ADS Trainings. 

The Process: 
  • When an applicant gets the URL, they can pay for their training and fill out the ADS Application online.
  • RTs will get email notification anytime someone pays their fees, and when an online application has been submitted for review. From there, an RT can edit, approve or send the application back to the trainee to be updated.
  • The system will also generate a class roster
  • Once the RT approves the application of training completion, it is sent to NADA for review and approval.
  • After NADA approves the trainee’s application, the ADS certificate is automatically generated and e-mailed to the trainee. The trainee becomes an official ADS and can then print their certificate. This process will now take a quarter of the time it has taken historically.
  • Rest assured, NADA Staff and Information Technology (IT) consultants are here to assist RTs through this transition. There will be an introduction video and an additional video series that will walk RTs through the process, affording them the ability to benefit from the new system.
  • While this is the case, kindly remember that NADA mandates RTs to be responsible for maintaining their own records. Additionally, all correspondences will be electronic.  At this time, once applications are completed, reviewed and accepted, you will not have access to the application as these files will be maintained by the NADA office.

Be Patient and Trust the Process
With any improved system or process,  there may be a few kinks in the first few months. NADA IT consultants and staff are available to work with RTs to iron out these challenges.  Our goal is to make the new system as smooth, fast and user-friendly as possible. Let’s work together to make the process of becoming an ADS a rewarding and expedient experience.

Collectively, let’s get to the business of helping and healing our communities.

Your NADA Board