In a recent Op-Ed ‘Back to the Future: The National Acupuncture Detoxification Association‘ in OAJCAM, NADA Trainers Claudia Voyles and Laura Cooley with NADA President Ken Carter make the case for the broad adoption of the NADA protocol by non-LAc providers.

In this moment, we face both the collective, acute trauma of a pandemic that is affecting lives and livelihoods and the chronic trauma of systematic, structural racism and oppression. Our nation needs what NADA can contribute-group response to group trauma. NADA offers a wholistic approach to a mental health system unequipped to address the overwhelming despair that has brought us to epidemic levels of addiction, anxiety and depression. NADA stands behind utilizing our protocol for the empowerment of historically oppressed peoples, preferably delivered by those same peoples.

Reflecting on the history and roots of the NADA Protocol, the authors argue that: analysis of the Lincoln experience can inform how best to respond to the social unrest that is now manifesting across the country and across color and socio-economic lines in support of Black and Brown lives. Coming full circle, explosive social unrest has returned to challenge us here in the U.S. The “Spirit of NADA” stands as a time-tested model for effectively addressing that challenge with the integrity and inclusiveness that it deserves.

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