In these times of sheltering in place and physically distancing from one another, we invite all NADA members to be in virtual community with one another. We’ll use this page to share some of the best practices, community health resources, and virtual learning spaces we are finding. We invite you to connect with your NADA community locally and globally.


Creating More Possibilities: How to Connect to the NADA Community

  • Join the NADA community on Slack to share resources, ask each other questions directly, offer help and ask for support. Members will find the link to join in your inbox. Email the NADA office with questions ( Not a member yet? Become a member and join the conversation.
  • Call or email ( the NADA office with your questions, concerns, ideas.
  • Follow our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)

Upcoming Virtual Gatherings

  • Return here for updated information on upcoming virtual gatherings

Compiled Resources (local mutual aid efforts, podcasts, guides, and more)