Simple ear acupressure can offer support for hard times and is especially well-suited for this global moment of expressing solidarity through physical distancing.

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Image 1: Ear Acupressure

for stress relief

Image 2: Simple Ear Acupressure

can offer support for hard times and is especially well-suited for this global moment, which requires physical distancing.

Stress relief with ear acupressure is safe, non-invasive, easy and inexpensive.

Image 3: Benefits

Ear acupressure helps people of all ages. This simple technique helps nearly everything including:

  • Trauma recovery and healing
  • quieting stress and anxiety
  • helping with headaches
  • general wellness

It provides a balancing effect – some people feel sleepy while others are energized, some feel relief of depression, some seem to get a peaceful sensation of relaxation and some don’t feel anything.

Image 4: “We’re talking about the body wanting to heal itself.

This comes from life, so you are choosing your own healing. Nature wants us to get it right.” – Michael Smith, NADA Founder

Image 5: How to Ear Massage

There is no wrong way to do it. Massage the upper ear with your finger and thumb – how long is up to you.

Image 6: “‘How do you put on beads?’

What do you mean? I just put them on. And when I’m feeling frustrated, I put on another.” -Sheila Murphy

Image 7: How to Apply Beads & Seeds

Again, there is no wrong way to do it. Ear Acupressure is less about the points themselves and more about giving yourself intentional time to heal.

Stress less about where to put the beads and focus more on taking calming breaths and setting healing intentions.

Image 8: What You Need

Be creative with what you have that is bigger than a poppy seed but smaller than a peppercorn. You can use any small round object such as a mustard seed and some tape (Band-Aid, medical tape, or other household tape available).

Image 9: How to Apply Beads & Seeds

The general area to aim for: Shen men + Reverse Shen Men with a photo pointing to the top of the ear.

Image 10: How to Apply Beads & Seeds

Trust your intuition. After the beads/seeds are in place you may gently press on them or let them be. They can stay on for one to two weeks, or you can remove them if they are uncomfortable.


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