2022 NADA Conference


Jun 24, 2022-Jun 25, 2022    
8:00 am-5:00 pm


Bowie State University
1400 Jericho Park Rd, Bowie, MD, 20715

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30th Annual!

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We envision a world where healthcare is people-centered, holistic, and accessible to the most vulnerable and underserved in our communities.

Discussions and Overview:

  • NADA Protocol ADS Training
  • Registered Trainers Day
  • Team Building Ventures

About this event

Our principles:

Spirit of NADA: All beings have a right to self-determination, the capacity to transform, and be part of transforming society. NADA changes the dominant paradigm.

Simplicity: The NADA protocol is easy to learn and to teach.

Trust: We trust that people are capable of learning and that everyone has the capacity to heal themselves.

Person-Centered: NADA is a non-verbal protocol that meets people where they are. Sharing the protocol bridges cultural divides.

Accessible & Barrier-free: Historically and in the present day there are many barriers to healthcare. Racism, “caste-ism” and all isms are healthcare matters. We work to make the NADA protocol barrier-free & available to all. We believe everyone should have access to receive and learn the NADA protocol.

Compassion: We bring an intention of healing to everyone with whom we share the NADA protocol.

Community: Healing & recovery happens in community and the NADA protocol is easily incorporated in diverse settings. We come together across disciplines to promote an integrated approach to healthcare.

COVID-19 Best Practice Guidelines

NADA Protocol during COVID-19 – Guidelines for In-person Treatment

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