Training with Teal Beatty

May 24, 2019 - May 26, 2019

Teal Beatty's Acupucnture office
Ellicott City, Maryland

3 day training (meet at 3 on Friday) to begin to learn the protocol to become an ADS for NADA. This is a full weekend and will go fast. A lot is planned and many modalities are used to teach and make it very interesting. We also go to an addictions center and do a group for the patients there. You will learn everything you need to start the training. I keep this group small to give you more than enough one on one and learning time. First come, first served so sign up asap. It goes fast. Class is $475 and includes a manual that has everything you need in it to do NADA, a box of needles to practice with, a biohazard container, a fake ear to practice on and some sleepy mix tea created by Dr. Smith at NADA. Please check your state’s law regarding who can do NADA and know that most of you will have to have a supervisor that is a licensed acupuncturist that can take you on. I can discuss that with you later or please feel free to email me questions.


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