Hybrid NADA Acudetox Training in Southwest Virginia


May 15, 2023-Jun 17, 2023    
1:00 pm-6:00 pm

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Online and in Christiansburg, VA
3145 Yellow Sulphur Road, Christiansburg, VA, 24073, Southwest Virginia

Event Type

This is a hybrid online and in person clinical training. Attendance is required at all portions unless prior arrangements have been made.

May 15 online 1 – 6
May 16 online 1- 6
May 20 in person 10 – 4 in Christiansburg, VA
May 22 online 1 – 6
June 12 online 1 – 6
June 17 in person 12 – 4 in Christiansburg, VA

Materials provided

Training Resource Manual Reading Assignments
Additional handouts (VA regulations, Clinical log, Acudetox, Why and How, Class assignments)
Plastic Ears
Beads and Seeds Kit with tool
Sleep mix tea
Link to resource materials
Personal kit, provided at Clinical Class,containing: needles for 30 treatments, various sizes, 30 alcohol swabs, hand sanitizer, mask, clean field, sharp shuttle, hair ties, bobby pins, eraser, cotton pads, cotton tipped swabs, gloves, transport container

All additional treatment supplies for the practice clinic, including consent forms and first aid.

Materials to be provided by students:
Pen, clipboard, snacks

Class One: Monday, May 15, 1-6
Guided tour of materials
Acudetox demonstration
Needles, Beads, and Sleep Mix tea (TRM 36,37)

NADA: historical roots, mission statement, evidence based practice
(TRM: 1, 8, 15, 136)
DEIBA – Nada for humanity
Preclass assignment review
Nature of Acudetox/energy medicine – the very basics
Ear anatomy, intro to points (TRM 24-30)

The five acudetox points
Acudetox based treatment program models (TRM43,44,45,67)

Write: Identify a time in your life when receiving acudetox would have been helpful. How might it have contributed?
Read: TRM 83 – 89
Do: practice finding the points using the pointer, drink and offer Sleeepmix tea, wear and offer beads and seeds

Class Two, Tuesday May 16, 1-6pm

Homework review
Point Location review
Safety, clean needle technique, ethics pledge (TRM51,117,119)

Acu wellness for diverse settings: youth, women, campus, veterans, trauma, first responders, hospice
Empty Fire – acudetox energetics

Write: Spend some time observing the natural world. Where do you see transformation? Where do you see balance? Imbalance? Empty fire?
Read: TRM pages: 15 – 20, 32- 37

Do: Invite a family member or friend to the clinic on Saturday. Make sure you have a clipboard and closed toed shoes.Pack a lunch.

Class Three – Clinical Training #1 Saturday May 20, 10 – 4
Acudetox experience
Point location review
Clinical Materials overview
Introduction to needling
Clinical concerns (TRM 32-34,140)

Practice clinic 2:30

Write:What part of clinical practice are you apprehensive about? What could you do to address these?
Read: TRM 15-20, 41-45, 91-105
Do: Homework: Develop a NADA acudetox 5NP “elevator speech”

Do: Be kind to yourself. Take a ‘self care” action.

Class Four, Monday May 22 1-6pm
Review clinical experiences
More about “the points”
Develop a NADA acudetox 5NP “elevator speech”
Protocol Modifications
Safety and Consent/diversity exercise
ADS Self Care (TRM 41, 67)

Write/Design a poster, brochure or press release for an acudetox program.
Read: TRM 119-121,140,144-153
Do: Provide 10 – 20 5 needle treatments

Class Five, Monday, June 12 1-6
Needling concerns, including point location
Patient Management scenarios
Issues of safety and consent
Program Implementation; Permission/Place/Time/Supplies
Program Sustainability

Clinical Day #2 June 17, 12 – 4
Acudetox experience
Clinical review/concerns
Practice clinics 2:30
ADS competencies

Make sure all assignments and clinical competency experiences are complete.

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