Dec 15, 2022-Dec 19, 2022    
9:00 am-3:00 pm


1601 E Yesler Way, Seattle, WA, 98122, NORTHWEST

Event Type

Trainees will be given a pre- training assignment: This assignment
will be due on December 15, 2022
Covering the history of NADA as a social justice movement,
Begin to explore their “why” (motivation of interest in the training)
Reflect on their “how”( how they will impact the community and integrate
this intervention into the health and wellness goals of the community).
The virtual class will cover:
DEIBA and the NADA protocol
Overview of the integration of Traditional indigenous medicine/healing
(“The People’s Medicine”) and Western medicine
Overview of Evidence Based interventions and NADA
Overview of Behavioral health and Substance Use Disorders
Self care as healers
Integration of Community support for healing and recovery such as The
ZOLA Experience, 12-step support, personal philosophy/faith
based/spiritual based support, etc.; balance of mind, body and spirit
Use of NADA as a tool to address Trauma.

Use of NADA in Natural and unnatural disasters
Introduction of the 5-point NADA Protocol uses and impact
Instruction of point placement daily, minimum
Treatment daily; Community Acupuncture final 3 days
Research and NADA
Info re: NADA BoD; and committees