NADA Training Retreat


Feb 12, 2024-Feb 14, 2024    
All Day

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Corewell Professional Building
2550 Medowbrook Road, Benton Harbor, MI, 49038

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Course Content
Explore the role of auricular acupuncture and the National Acupuncture Detox Association (NADA) 5-point Protocol
Learn the history of auricular acupuncture (NADA) in the US
Describe the 5-point placement
Sleep Mix Herbal Tea for relaxation and sleep promotion
Benefits of integrating the NADA protocol into conventional healthcare
Expanding role of healthcare provider as a holistic caregiver able to integrate auricular acupuncture into appropriate clinical settings
Principles of Chinese Medicine and its integration into conventional medicine
Feeling and finding the Chi
Yin-Yang Theory and its relevance to contemporary healthcare and chronic disease
Stress and its relationship to chronic imbalance, from addictions to Alzheimer’s
Define multidimensional levels of healing. How to integrate auricular acupuncture within various healthcare specialties.
Use with dual-diagnosis patients and with patients already dealing with problems of poly-pharmacy.
Discuss the adjunctive benefit of 5-NP therapy in pain reduction, anxiety reduction, hyperactivity, and other conditions where non-pharmacologic intervention desired.
Resources through NADA Clearinghouse
Set up a caring environment conducive to client and practitioner empowerment.
Centering & self-care techniques for the practitioner—such as using
NADA, 5-point technique, to promote calm and create environment for going within and listening.
Creating sacred space within a clinical healthcare setting—furniture, lighting,
Informed consent
Communicating to the client about NADA
Locate the 5 NADA auricular acupuncture points on various individuals
The 5 points and their significance
Differentiate NADA’s 5-point protocol with other conventional forms of stress management, anxiety, and pain reduction techniques
Sleep Mix Herbal Tea: ingredients, indications, use as adjunctive therapy

Video on NADA in various clinical settings
Harm reduction settings
HIV/AIDS settings
Substance Abuse

Prior to class:
Read the NADA Manual which you’ll receive after you have paid registration.
Watch the YouTube movie: DOPE IS DEATH by M. Donovan
Read as much as you can by Gabor Mate, MD—listen to his YouTube videos . Become comfortable with the burgeoning literature on Childhood Trauma & its connection to addictions & chronic dis-ease in modern society.

Training Fee: $450.00

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