NADA Training with Juan


Nov 12, 2022-Nov 16, 2022    
10:00 am-4:00 pm

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104-106 East 126 street, NY, NY, 10035

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Phone interview with Registered trainer; discuss State Laws/Scope of practice
Navigate NADA website including the use of NADA in different settings and populations around the world.

View videos
Dope is Death
NYHRE Holistic Program
Black revolutionaries and acupuncture

Day 1

What is NADA
History of Lincoln Detox / acupuncture and social justice
Acupuncture and harm reduction/ working with stigmatized populations
NADA for stress and Trauma
Clinical settings and outreach

Substance use
Evidence based treatments Western approach/Eastern Approach
abstinence and harm reduction approaches to substance use.
Working with people actively using drugs. do’s and don’ts

The importance of Safety, intent and point location

overview of Blood borne pathogens HIV, HEP C, HEP B
Needle stick procedure. Clean needle techniques. Handling and disposing of sharps.
Creating a safe space hygienic practices/ counting needle etc.

Learning the 5 points
discuss point locations and benefits.
review charts and practice needling on model ears

Lunch break

demonstration of the NADA protocol
Students practice on each other
students give feedback and review of day’s events
Homework: practice needling on an orange.

Day 2
Review of Day 1
Introduction on the use of beads, magnets and seeds.
Demonstration on placing beads, magnets, seeds,
Students practice placing beads, magnets and seeds.

Lunch break

Practice NADA and beads, magnets seeds.
Incorporating music and aroma therapy to the NADA protocol.

Self-care/How to avoid burn out.

How to build a resource guide for referrals
Mental health
substance use
medical etc.

Overdose prevention and Narcan Training
Each student will learn how to identify the signs of an opiate
overdose and how to respond using Narcan. A kit will be provided
after the training.

Review of day’s events

days 3-5 clinical practice of 40 required treatments.
Students will be given 30 days to complete the required treatments and completion
and submission of documents to NADA via Link.

Any questions or concerns contact
Juan Cortez, RT

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