Online + In Person NADA Trainings with Ryan Bemis and Crossroads Acupuncture

Aug 3, 2020 - Aug 8, 2020

Crossroads Acupuncture is offering this special opportunity to complete your ADS training through combined online and in person!  You will learn the updated Covid-19 protocols for Clean Needle Technique and Universal Precautions. New interactive live webinars offered every week, with our NADA Registered Trainer, Ryan Bemis, and guest teachers Claudia Voyles, Megan Yarberry, Jay Renaud, Lars Winblad, JP Dedam, and Will Hall. Webinars start at just $25.  Opportunities to intern include sites in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, and Mexico.  

Registration and times for each webinar can be found here:

Full details about the entire ADS training and costs can be reviewed right here: Crossroads Acupuncture

Students receive:
1. Crossroads’ Online NADA acudetox training library (Spanish and English)
2. Recordings of all trainings, access to all power points, and subscription to Crossroads’ complete YouTube Channel
3. Mentoring from Crossroads up through certification/licensing
4. 1 year NADA membership, subscription to Guidepoints: News from NADA, and all benefits of NADA membership (learn more at
5. Support in locating a mentor to assist with long term professional development in the fields of acudetox and community acupuncture

What you will learn in Crossroads acudetox training program
• Fulfills didactic educational requirements for
therapists/nurses/health/harm reduction workers to become Nationally Certified as Acupuncture Detoxification Specialists (NADA) as well as state certification in New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Arizona, and 22 other US states (email for a complete list of states that allow this certification for non-acupuncturists.)
• Students will learn application both in behavioral health/addictions/harm reduction as well as for trauma/humanitarian aid/disaster response.
• Clean Needle Technique and gentle auricular Best practices for managing community acupuncture, NADA ear acupuncture groups, and treating multiple
patients in one setting
• First step for acupuncturists interested in becoming NADA ear acupuncture trainers
• Science, research and history of the application of acupuncture for trauma, mental health and addictions
• Simple, fundamental skills and knowledge for working
within addictions recovery
• Cultural competency in cross-cultural settings;
Sustainable community health development

“Crossroads Acupuncture offers an amazing auricular acupuncture course and NADA certification. The class was bilingual which added greatly to the overall experience. Ryan’s presentation was evidence-based and highly engaging. The prep material laid the groundwork for an exceptional learning experience. I was fortunate to complete my internship in Mexico. I count this training as one of the best clinical experiences of my career. As a social worker, I gained deeper insights into cultural humility and the strengths-based perspective discussed in my academic training. Ryan is an excellent teacher, trainer, and social justice warrior.”
– Suzanne Stern Brant, Licensed Clinical Social Worker


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