Training with Dr Chester

Aug 14, 2019 - Aug 16, 2019

American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Houston, Texas

This will be a 3-day seminar, during the week (Wed – Fri), due to already having weekend scheduled events at the school. The school is on a semester break, and several students have approached me about having this particular seminar, so space is rapidly becoming less available. Please sign up

Since, the school has a day clinic, there should be no issues with getting the clinic hours in. Also, you will be sent home with some evening homework to make up for any lost lecture time.

Lectures will include videos, topics on substance abuse syndrome, traumas including PTSD and that of sexual and labor trafficking, which is on the uprise, behavioral heath issues and peer reviewed, science based research.

Ample time will be allotted for practicing the 5-point auricular protocol, prior to treating patients. Each attendee will receive a gift bag.

For more information, text me at (803) 553-6882, or send a detailed email to (an encrypted email)

I will provide a payment plan, if needed, to be discussed via email.


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