Training with Gary Engen

Feb 15, 2020 - Feb 17, 2020

Pendley & Associates
Laramie, Wyoming

Developed in the 1970s at Lincoln Hospital in the South Bronx, the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) protocol was originally used as a supportive component in drug and alcohol treatment settings. The 21st century has brought a remarkable expansion in the use of the NADA protocol. Reflecting this, NADA has also expanded its scope to include the use of this treatment for behavioral health, including addictions, mental health, and disaster and emotional trauma. We work to improve access and effectiveness of care through promoting policies and practices which integrate NADA treatments with other Western behavioral health modalities.

Our training program is a unique model of public-health education and care. Emphasis is on the safety, simplicity and effectiveness of NADA. The training is competency-based with up to 70 hours of training (or more if needed). It encompasses both informational and clinical experiences. This includes completing 40 supervised acudetox treatments after the classroom portion of training has ended and attending a follow-up session. NADA founder, Mike Smith, reminds us that this is an easy protocol to learn, because “Nature wants us to get it right!”

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