Training with Judith Morey

Dec 7, 2018 - Dec 8, 2018

Judith Morey
Cincinnati, Ohio

In this two-day program, students will learn to utilize the NADA-ACUDETOX, 5-point ear acupuncture and ear seeds, as an integral part of the personal and/or professional therapy. The class will cover an introduction to ariculotherapy, the nature of addictions and trauma, detoxification and behavioral/mental health issues. The training includes didactic lessons, hands-on experience, a 200+page manual and all the equipment needed to begin practice. The cost also covers the application fee for the first year’s membership wit NADA.

In Ohio, this training is open to MD’s, acupuncturists and RN’s ( nurses may preform this protocol with physicians’ order). For other health professionals, please check with your state board for any limitations of practice.

To complete certification, students will need to attend the two day/20 hours of class time, successfully preform the protocol, complete and review 50 sessions independently.

Please register for class two weeks prior to the start date.


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