Training with Patricia StandTal Clarke

Aug 3, 2019 - Aug 4, 2019

Shadow Rock UCC
Phoenix, Arizona

Training with Patricia StandTal Clarke

The NADA ADS training program is a unique model of ear acupuncture training and public-health education. Emphasis is on the safety, simplicity and effectiveness of NADA. Our training is competency-based with up to 70 hours of training (or more if needed). It encompasses both informational and clinical experiences. This includes completing 40 acudetox treatments after the classroom portion of training has ended and attending a follow-up clinical practicum on Saturday, 28 September. NADA founder, Mike Smith, reminds us that this is an easy protocol to learn, because “Nature wants us to get it right!”

Benefits of the NADA Protocol include increased calmness; better sleep and less agitation; relief from stress and emotional trauma; discovery of inner quiet and strength; easier connection with counseling; reduced cravings for alcohol and drugs, including nicotine; minimization of withdrawal symptoms; and an adjunct for recovery.

The training cost is $450.00, which includes all clinical materials, the manual, training, when completed a lifetime NADA ADS certificate, and one-year membership to NADA with a subscription to the member newsletter, Guidepoints, which comes out quarterly.

The training will be limited to 10 participants so register early. Send a check to Patricia StandTal Clarke, 252 E. Beck Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85022. We should have a great time!

NB: It is incumbent of the student to learn the State Statutes for ADS in the State you wish to practice.


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