It has come to the Board’s attention that there is confusion and concern resulting from the recent staff changes and President’s letter. We appreciate that so many of you care so deeply for NADA.

This update is to inform you about our progress to date.

*Your all volunteer Board has been working countless hours to ensure that the Organization and the Spirit of NADA are kept alive to support you, our members, and our education and advocacy mission.

*We are in the process of restructuring all policies and procedures to ensure that they are state of the art, consistent, and user friendly. Until you are notified otherwise please continue to use all the established means of communication (phone, mail, website) and policies.

*We have hired both an administrative assistant and an accounting firm to assure that NADA business is completed in a timely and accurate fashion.

*We have discovered that our list serve and contact information are incomplete and out of date. Look for an opportunity to update your information in the near future to better serve our membership.

*We are redesigning all forms and applications to ensure consistency and accountability.

*At the present moment all Board meetings are closed as we resolve a legal matter. Full disclosure of this will occur when it has been resolved.

*Efforts are underway to streamline the process of how volunteers are elected as it is paramount that they are committed to, and in alignment with, the spirit of NADA, and
the time and effort needed to complete the work.

We look forward to seeing you at our annual conference – either virtually or in person on June 24th and 25th, 2022, Bowie State University, 14000 Jericho Park Rd, Bowie, Maryland. There will be a Pre conference Acudetox training at Bowie.

Our next Membership Cafe’, which is now called the Community Connection
Hour, will be Wednesday April 27,2022