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      Marie Arnberg

      Hello NADA board and NADA community,

      I’m writing regarding the email I received from the board last night telling me to sign an NDA by this Friday. I never received notice of the meeting on 8/28 at which the rationale for the NDA was allegedly discussed. The truncated notes of said meeting, provided in last night’s email, offer no information of the rationale. I’m a NADA member and ADS. If I do not sign this NDA, am I no longer allowed to access the website? I am concerned and dismayed by the lack of transparency shown in this apparent rush for ADSes and RTs (not just board and committee members, as stated in the footer of every page of the NDA) to sign something the vast majority of us have little training to fully understand. The lack of transparency flies in the face of what has been known as the Spirit of NADA. Like many in this community, I have worked with and volunteered endless hours for NADA for years. Last night’s email states “Our intention is to provide you with the opportunity to be informed so that we can execute the NDAs as soon as possible.” Excuse me? I had hoped for a little more respect and consideration. Less tone-deafness. What the hell?

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      Woullard Lett

      What? What? Why? I got a call from a friend across the country who wanted to know what he was being asked to sign and why.
      I am a little behind. I see the website says I am not a member even though my membership is reflected paid through December this year. uhhh. I am concerned.

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      I also posted about this and never got information when I emailed them. (my post is at https://acudetox.com/members-forums/topic/looking-for-info-on-nda-request-to-members/) If anyone gets any info please share!

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      Victoria Taylor

      ame on the scene, and perhaps prior to my time with NADA.  

      The essence of the NDA is to protect the integrity and intellectual property of NADA so we can truly honor our ethics statement agreement, the Founders of NADA, the Young Lords, Black Panthers, and NADA’S allies White Lighting, and Dr. Smith, who in his foresight wanted to bring a degree of “professionalism” to NADA and structure to the training, and many others.

      At this time the NDA is specific to RTs as they serve as representatives of the organization.  Please understand that unless the RT signs the NDA they can no longer offer training under the NADA banner.  

      The Board will be sending more information regarding our transition to the digital platform in the near future.  

      Hope this helps.
      Katurah Bryant, Training Chair and the NADA Board

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