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      Anna Howle

      Can anyone share information about possible side effects from the sleepmix tea?

      I would also love to hear reviews about this tea.

      I am sharing this tea a lot more lately and people have been asking how / where to find reviews. I have not been successful finding a site in which reviews are present.

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      I have used it. It seems to be a very mild mix. I have seen nor had anyone voice any dislike or complaints about it. The ingredients are listed. So as long as there are no known allergies, I have used it. It have provided it to about 25 individuals.

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      Anna Howle

      A brief history about the tea and how to prepare it appeared in a recent sleepmix tea order. The first page references page 37 in the NADA manual. Is the NADA manual online? Can I buy it somewhere? I no longer have my manual from training in 2008.

      Can anyone point me to online reference or share page 37 with me?

      Thanks, Anna

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      Victoria Taylor
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      Virginia June

      Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery offers it to patients every night and has since 2005. The patient’s absolutely love it, purchase it after being inpatient and continue to use it for everyday use. Helps for ADHD and anxiety. Appears to calm the central nervous system. Best thing, we have never had anyone complain of side affects and it is very helpful to the detox/early treatment phase as well as ongoing recovery.
      Virginia June LMSW, CAADC, RT
      White Wolf Healing (owner) and therapist at Brighton Center for Recovery

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      Great information here… My question is where can you get Sleep Mix Tea? Neutral Control is not making it right now, not AA Wellness and Red Root. I use the tea often for myself, but I give it out at my trainings and to my patients.

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      Victoria Taylor

      Here is the recipe:

      3 parts chamomille
      1 part peppermint
      1 part hops
      1 part catnip
      1 part skullcap
      1 part yarrow

      It is fun to make it! Smells great!

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      Laura Cooley

      Hi, the tea is completely available. Shipping issues impacted them as others. Some operational bugs have been worked out and it is shipping out nicely. I dont know if posters are notified of new posts not he topic but i do have a fair amount of information about the tea Angela…
      laura Cooley

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