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      Anna Howle

      Can anyone share information about possible side effects from the sleepmix tea?

      I would also love to hear reviews about this tea.

      I am sharing this tea a lot more lately and people have been asking how / where to find reviews. I have not been successful finding a site in which reviews are present.

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      I have used it. It seems to be a very mild mix. I have seen nor had anyone voice any dislike or complaints about it. The ingredients are listed. So as long as there are no known allergies, I have used it. It have provided it to about 25 individuals.

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      Anna Howle

      A brief history about the tea and how to prepare it appeared in a recent sleepmix tea order. The first page references page 37 in the NADA manual. Is the NADA manual online? Can I buy it somewhere? I no longer have my manual from training in 2008.

      Can anyone point me to online reference or share page 37 with me?

      Thanks, Anna

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      Victoria Taylor
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