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      Angela Easterling

      I am looking for answers to a training question. I have been asked to come to a state, KY, where Acudetox is restricted. I assume this means I would not be able to go to that state and do the training due to the restrictions? The people in KY who are asking about the training wanted to know if I could train them in Tennessee where I live and do trainings. I know many people attend our trainings that come from restricted states, but take the training anyway, so I am wondering what the “restrictions” mean. I am a relatively new RT and have found it difficult at times to understand some of the rules and regulations in each state.
      I would love some feedback and experienced RT’s to chime in.
      I want to do the right things and be responsible so any information is much appreciated.

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      Victoria Taylor

      I recommend contacting the Board of Acupuncture in Kentuky directly.

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      Shimila Keenum

      Hi Angela! In addition to Victoria’s suggestion, I might add that if there are individuals in KY interested in working toward legislation that allows non-acupuncturists to provide NADA protocol, you could suggest they join the NADA Advocacy Committee. You might want to consider it too as I learned a lot about the state laws/regulations when I was active on that committee. I also hear you wanting to work with ethically and with integrity. I include in my training registration that trainees agree to follow their state’s regulations for providing NADA protocol and agree to work in compliance with their local regulation. The onus is on the individual to act within their state’s laws and not up to us to interpret the law for them. Hope this helps!

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      Diane McKenzie

      I sent an email in March asking for help with Advocacy to change the laws in my state. I received an email that someone would be in contact. I have not heard back from the office.

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