Adela Nieves Martinez, also known as Noble Snows, is a Traditional Community Health Practitioner, Doula and Mama.

She is deeply committed to her Taino (indigenous peoples of the Caribbean) roots and reclaiming Indigenous Traditional medicine. She practices Acudetox, cupping therapy, whole person natural care, and Reiki for individuals and groups struggling with addiction, PTSD, stress, and trauma. Adela created the idea of Healing by Choice!, and the rest of the group brought it to life.

“Healing by Choice! offers the NADA protocol as part of our main practice. So whenever we are invited into a community, hold a peace or restorative justice circle or create Healing Justice Practice Spaces for organizations or conferences, an Acudetox circle is always part of our work.”

-Adela Nieves Martinez

Adela supports people in their journeys to tell their own story and define health, healing, and wellness for themselves. To this end, she collaborates with individuals and groups of health practitioners, healers, and healing justice organizers, locally and nationally to create community-informed healing practice spaces, mobile clinics, and networks.

Learn more about Adela & Healing by Choice!’s deep community healing work in Detroit:




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