Anita Dungo-Uldrich has been a NADA Member for two years. She completed her ADS training in Laramie in 2017 and has been bringing the NADA protocol to her work at the VA and her community in Grand Island, Nebraska ever since.

Anita, also known as Annie, is a licensed practical nurse. In addition to being an acudetox specialist, she is certified in integrative aromatherapy. She currently serves veterans with substance abuse.

“Anita brought a space of grace and gentleness to our NADA training in Laramie, WY, in the fall of 2017. She is passionate about using the NADA protocol in the Grand Island, Nebraska Veterans’ Administration hospital where she works as a nurse. She also hopes to bring change to her state’s legislation so that more healthcare providers can be trained in the NADA protocol. She ended one of her emails to us

with, “May NADA Spirit ascend to all nations.” An invocation that reminds us all of our purpose to widely share this simple technique.”
-Sara Bursac, executive director, NADA trainer in Wyoming



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