Hajera Ahmed is a Bodyworker practicing Thai Massage, Reiki, Cupping, Sound Healing, TCM modalities, and Esoteric Healing Arts

She is currently an advocate for NADA in Washington state, though she came to NADA through Science of Self Yoga trainings in NYC, where the people of NYHRE (New York Harm Reduction Educators) did a presentation on NADA and their outreach center in Harlem. Thanks to her teacher Rose Erin Vaughn, she connected with and was trained by Juan Cortez and Walter Bosque in January 2020. Afterwards she volunteered at the outreach center to complete her acudetox training, offering both the NADA protocol and Bodywork.

I am an East Indian Muslim first generation American child of Immigrants and well aware of the disparities and racial inequalities in this country. Upon seeing and working with the people at the NYHRE center in Harlem, it became clear to me how badly other towns and states need something similar: a government funded clinic where anyone can come to receive and learn bodywork, Tai Chi, meditation, yoga, and acupuncture – amongst many other things. A place where people can empower themselves! Washington and Seattle need this. The thing that stuck out most about acudetox to me is that there isn’t a hierarchy around who ‘deserves’ healing. EVERYONE deserves love and care, EVERYONE deserves access to a warm space to rest and EVERYONE deserves healing. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or what you do for work or what you believe or what language you speak. Everyone can be their own healer, and hold space for others if they are willing.

Hajera now lives in Washington state, and is a Bodyworker practicing Thai Massage, Reiki, Cupping, Sound Healing, TCM modalities, and Esoteric Healing Arts. She also teaches yoga & dance at and is a part of Meridian Yoga Therapy trainings online with Science of Self.

I see a large dichotomy around the world and especially an air of judgement towards specific communities of people which is unjust and exclusionary. Especially with people who are homeless, addicts, mental health issues, those called ‘criminal’ who have been through the prison system, or have occupations like Sex Workers as well as other underserved communities. These communities are often pushed to the edges of society where proper care isn’t available. When they do go where they can get care they are often shunned, shamed, and judged and not treated as equal.

Hajera offers acudetox when possible, but hopes one day to offer the NADA protocol in many more places including:
  • Women’s centers and outreach centers,
  • Outreach centers and people’s hospitals serving people with addiction, who are homeless, etc.
  • Centers supporting people with PTSD

She’s currently working on gathering a coalition of people who will support new legislation in Washington state to increase access to the NADA protocol.

I want to continue to serve the underserved and those who don’t choose to live the way that society pressures them to. A human is a human, and we all are alive because of our beating hearts. I understand how it feels to be shunned, live on the street, feel sick everyday, be constantly judged by those who look down on you. This is why it’s important to get NADA legalized for anyone to use across the world. Because we have to be there for each other, we have to help each other, nothing else really matters in life.

It will require a lot of educating, rallying folks, and more to change the law in Washington. Hajera is grateful to the many incredible way pavers who have come before her such as Laura Cooley, Chuck Pyle, the Young Lords, Dimitri from NYHRE, Juan Cortez, Walter Bosque, Sifu, along with the organizers at NADA such as Sara Bursać and Mary Walle and many others who have already been helping expand access to the NADA protocol. 

We really want the whole West Coast to get legislation passed allowing whomever needs and wants to share the NADA modality to be able to do it. “Maybe it’s a long road ahead of us, but it will be done!”

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