Acknowledge & Support Indigenous Communities Today

Today, we invite you to acknowledge the stewards of the land you currently reside on and to reflect on Indigenous people’s resistance to the devastation of U.S. colonization past and present.

We acknowledge the peoples — past, present, and future — of the Arapaho and Cheyenne Tribal Nations on whose lands the NADA Office is located.

On this U.S. colonial holiday, we invite you to reframe “Thanksgiving” as Truthsgiving.

Commemorating Truthsgiving, we join in solidarity with Native communities’ ongoing resistance to genocide and colonization. We acknowledge the 400 years of trauma that have been inflicted on the Indigenous communities of North America as well as globally. We recognize that today’s U.S. holiday fails to acknowledge this history and ongoing trauma, which is why we share this with you all today. Learn more about Truthsgiving and Food Sovereignty.

NADA has a long history of working with many Native nations and many NADA practitioners are working to increase accessibility of the #NADAprotocol to Indigenous communities.

We saw some of this work highlighted in our Southwest Regional Meeting in October. We recognize this work is a response to the symptoms of centuries of trauma induced by genocide and stand in solidarity with all Indigenous people working to heal their communities and resisting all systems and structures that contribute to their erasure.

Though our work may be treating symptoms, we also know that it has roots in this continent’s radical social movements, movements that ask us to look at the systemic origins behind present conditions. Land sovereignty, food sovereignty, and health justice are deeply connected, and we are committed to learning more together and working towards the decolonization of medicine.

Not sure whose land you are on? Begin to learn more about the people of the land you’re on with this important community resource.