NADA history has been in the spotlight. Our July Membership Café featuring Juan Cortez & Carlos Alvarez received attention from integrative health & medicine leader and 2019 National Conference keynote speaker, John Weeks. Read the full article “Mending Our History” – AcuDetox Group Engages Its Black Panther and Young Lord Roots in the Time of George Floyd.”

Members can view the recording of all Membership Cafés under Member Resources. The full conversation from the July Membership Café will be available there soon.

Stay tuned for a special announcement about NADA’s further efforts to ‘mend our history’ on November 10th – the 50th anniversary of the takeover of Lincoln Hospital which led to the creation of the People’s Detox Center.

“We should take pride that this movement is from a collective – Young Lords, Black Panthers. The collective wouldn’t have started without the activists. It wouldn’t have moved around the world without Dr. Smith.” -Juan Cortez, July Membership Café

Link to the article.