NADA joins with many who are calling for Mutulu Shakur’s compassionate release. In July 2020, the NADA Board submitted a letter in support of his compassionate release. Shakur was a leader and political education director at Lincoln Detox.

At the time [of his arrest] Dr. Shakur was a well-known acupuncturist using his skills to address rampant drugaddiction among young black people. He was a co-founder of the Republic of New Afrika movement, participated in presentations to the United Nations on discrimination experienced by black communities throughout the U.S. and by 1970 was a subject of the FBI’s illegal COINTELPRO infiltration program. (

Shakur was part of the collective leading Lincoln Detox and introduced acupuncture into the program as a means of detoxing without using methadone. The collective’s work with acupuncture and detox was the groundwork of what later became known as the NADA protocol (5NP, acudetox etc.). Learn more about the history of NADA & Lincoln Detox.

Support Mutulu Shakur’s compassionate release.