How does solidarity show up in your world?

Asks NADA Register Trainer Ryan Bemis in his article Liberation Acupuncture and the Road of Recovery Ahead of Us in the Summer Issue of Medicinal Roots Magazine.

There are established models within our tradition that exemplify liberation acupuncture, like the barefoot doctor movement, pioneers like Miriam Lee in California and the Young Lords and Black Panthers in New York, the refugees of Guatemala, of Kenya, of Burma, and the needling nuns of Mexico, all rising out of the disasters of their times, turning towards the needs of the people, taking a risk on something new. Their courage offers us possibilities for acupuncture as an agent of social liberation and models that can communities of color can use for their own healing.

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About Ryan Bemis, DOM, RT

Ryan Bemis is co-founder of Crossroads Acupuncture and serves as Executive Director, teacher and acupuncturist for the non-profit organization. He has over 20 years of experience working in community health and outreach. Ryan learned about acupuncture while working in the addictions recovery field. In 2011, he moved from Portland to start the first ever community acupuncture clinic in Las Cruces. In 2013 he turned Crossroads into a non-profit organization, and donated the clinic to the newly formed Crossroads Community Supported Healthcare. Learn more.

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