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Help us reach our $10,000 goal this year!

Our collective NADA work is expanding. At least it feels that way from where we sit at the NADA office in Laramie. More members are connecting with each other, more members are getting involved in outreach and advocacy to spread the Spirit of NADA to new communities....

Acupuncture helping addicts with recovery

As the man with the handful of tiny needles moved closer, Sarah Downs’ nervousness grew with his every step. She rocked back and forth in her plastic chair. She fidgeted. She bounced a leg.

She was there in the meeting room of the Pickaway Area Recovery Services (PARS) voluntarily, yet she still was unsure about what her friends had told her: that the acupuncture she was about to experience would ease the anxiety and fear that consumes her mind as she journeys through recovery from heroin and methamphetamine addictions. Article and Video by Holly Zachariah | The Columbus Dispatch

How Sleepmix Tea Came to Be

How Sleepmix Tea Came to Be by Ryan Bemis “Psychiatric patients don’t want super duper soup.” ~ Michael O. Smith NADA co-founder and psychiatrist Michael O. Smith recently told program administrators at a workshop that soup and friendship were “the best technology”...