Below is an email sent to our members on March 18, 2020. Please check links for ongoing information. Inspired by the principles of emergent strategy, we’ll be continuously adapting in the coming weeks.

To our beloved NADA community,

Before you begin to read through this, give yourself an immune boost. Uncross your feet, relax the shoulders, close your eyes, and tune into your breath. Stay here for a few moments. Or more than just a few – we all need that quiet space right now.

For those of you who have written us asking for guidance on being a NADA provider in these extraordinary times, thank you.

As change is the only constant, we share as much as we can from today’s vantage point, knowing that we will continue to adjust our NADA practices in the coming weeks and months. Our hope is that we can make these adjustments consciously, collectively and with compassion.

There are four parts to the materials we are initially creating:

  1. Recording of the Membership Café call we had Wednesday, March 18th, focused on community care & COVID-19 as well as notes from the call which includes resource links shared by NADA members during the call;
  2. How to practice ADS self-care to keep oneself calm & healthy;
  3. Adaptations during COVID-19: Safety Suggestions; and
  4. Invitations & resources to engage in wider mutual-aid efforts.

How do we take care of one another while supporting social solidarity through physical distancing?

We hope that some of the material collected can begin to provide an answer to that question for each of us. Join us on Slack to connect virtually with others in the NADA community interested in dialoguing about these topics.*

We’d like to hear from you on how you are responding in this situation and what you’re needing.

What steps have you taken? How have you changed your approach? Let’s share our learning curves (it’s OK to say oops!) – we will be developing a resource page on the website to help our community stay informed. We are collecting links to guides by other organizations committed to barrier-free access to care and information.

Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming virtual forums.

In the coming weeks we plan to create virtual spaces with Zoom for our members to get together, sit in treatment together, connect, share, and offer each other support. Based off of requests voiced at the Membership Café call today with over 80 people in attendance, we plan to develop some videos and online tools to use for self-administering beads and seeds.

Social distancing doesn’t mean we are apart, it means a change in behaviors.

We, the NADA team and global NADA community, can and will adapt so that we can continue to create zones of peace amidst a complicated world.

With much love,
Your NADA Team

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