As part of Black History month, we’re featuring an organization that NADA member Tenisha Dandridge founded: Black Acupuncturist Association (BAA). Dandridge serves as President of BAA, a national platform for Black acupuncturists in the United States and those who wish to find them. In the spirit of BAAANA, this is a place to come, gather, and grow for the betterment of Black and Brown people.

A unique offering of the BAA are their melanated ear seeds.

Gone are the days of using ear seeds that do not match your skin tone. Currently, these ear seeds come in three colors: Opulent Carob for darker skin tones, Rich Caramel for medium complexions, and Kalahari Sand for lighter swarthy skin tones. Learn more.

Connect with Black acupuncturists and learn more about race & acupuncture.

BAA hosts regular virtual meet and greets with Black acupuncturists, as well as educational events about race and acupuncture. Subscribe to the BAA YouTube channel to learn more.

We regularly spotlight #NADAmembers and affiliated organizations.

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