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This resource offers summaries and key outcomes studies on the NADA protocol.  Includes examples of well-designed studies, and is a great tool for for helping design research and outcomes studies of your own.

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  1. Ear Acupuncture Protocol Meets Global Needs
    Statement on the prevalence of acu detox and its benefits across the clinical spectrum.
  2. Lincoln Hospital Acupuncture Drug Abuse Program
    Testimony to US House of Rep. Testimony to Office of Alternative Medicine of NIH re: Efficacy of Acupuncture in Varied Sites .
  3. WHO’S Study
    Outcome evaluation of acupuncture impact on patients of a residential treatment program in Australia
  4. Drug Court Outcome
    US Govt study on acu-based program
  5. Portland Links Acupuncture with Housing for Good Outcomes
    Including Literature Review thru 1999.
  6. The Value of Acupuncture Detoxification Programs in a Substance Abuse Treatment System
    The “Boston Study”

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