Alex Brumbaugh – The Praxis of Recovery: A New Vision for Success in Addiction Treatment


Author: Alex Brumbaugh

This unique book provides a much-needed and comprehensive blueprint for the transition from an acute to a chronic system of care in the treatment of addiction and substance use disorders.

The Praxis of Recovery is a new model of long-term success in addiction recovery identifying six needs-based developmental stages of recovery, a constellation of sixteen experiential learnings necessary to successful recovery, and the recommended strategies and interventions most apt to meet the needs and facilitate the learnings.




With the implementation in January, 2011 of the Wellstone/Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, and the planned inclusion of substance abuse parity in healthcare reform, there is a critical need for a unified approach to service delivery in the treatment of addiction. Current treatment in the United States and other countries is a patchwork reflecting disparate philosophies, biases, and prisms through which addiction is viewed. The field lacks a defining center. The Praxis of Recovery© describes what a treatment program would look like with adequate resources, and with all of the wisdom and common sense and experience and research of the last seventy-five years.

We live in a time of rapid changes. The financial deficits that have besieged most state governments are forcing a re-examination of priorities, particularly when it comes to the untreated addiction in the criminal justice and public health care systems.

This book is written in the hope that this reappraisal – as well as the implementation of substance abuse parity in both the public and private healthcare systems – will result in a “new age” for addiction treatment. Rising to the enormous potential challenges of this new environment will require a conversation on the part of policymakers, planners, funders, and providers about the elements and conditions that are required for long-term success in addiction recovery. This book will play an important part in moving that conversation forward.

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