Alex Brumbaugh – Transformation and Recovery


Author: Alex Brumbaugh

Transformation and Recovery: A Guide for the Design and Development of Acupuncture-Based Chemical Dependency Treatment Programs has become a standard reference for acupuncturists and for addiction treatment programs who have added or wish to add acupuncture as an integrated treatment component.

This groundbreaking book has been used as a textbook in Colleges of Oriental Medicine, and is a recommended resource for Certification by the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association.



Now in its eighth printing, Transformation and Recovery is the only definitive book on acupuncture and addiction recovery.

More than a manual or “how-to” book, Transformation and Recovery offers a bold and insightful philosophical and historical interpretation of addiction and recovery.


Transformation and Recovery Includes:

  • Over 300 footnotes and a comprehensive bibliography
  • The classic and comprehensive Literature Review, “Auricular Acupuncture for Chemical Dependency,” by Dr. Ruth Ackerman
  • “So You Want to Start an Acupuncture Treatment Program for Detoxification, Relapse Prevention, and Preparation for Counseling” – A Case History of the Development of an Acupuncture Demonstration Program, by Dr. Ruth Ackerman.
  • Full text of the article “Acupuncture: New Perspectives in Chemical Dependency Treatment,” published by Alex Brumbaugh by the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment in 1993 – the first non-research article supporting acupuncture to appear in a major journal.
  • “A Counselor’s Guide to Acupuncture in the Treatment of Addiction,” by Cally Haber and Charles Singer, Santa Cruz, California.

What professionals have said about Transformation and Recovery:

A welcome addition to the healthcare professional’s library. This book not only gives us concise, practical information such as how to pursue setting up acupuncture detox/recovery programs, but also offers a fascinating philosophical view inside the issues concerning drug addiction.
Kate Black, L.Ac, Dip AC,
Founding Member, Acupuncture and Recovery Treatment Services, Inc., Berkeley, California

Sophisticated, comprehensive, and practical. Sensitive to the whole range of subtlety in the problem of addiction.
Michael Smith, MD,
Director, Lincoln Hospital Recovery Center, New York

In Transformationand Recovery, Alex Brumbaugh has unified the addiction field, drawing together a disparity of information from chemical dependency and Chinese medicine and rooting it in history.
Belle Muschinske, Ph.D.,
Morro Bay, California

A must for administrators and clinicians alike.
Robert T. Olander,
Director, Hennepin County Chemical Health Division