Innovation in healing with the NADA protocol, Southwest-style

Date: October 15, 2020

Time: 10am-3pm PDT / 11am-4pm MDT / 12pm-5pm CDT / 1-6pm EDT


Come to rejuvenate your NADA spirit, connect with the NADA community, and learn about innovative & grassroots programming.

The meeting will begin at 10am PDT and run until 3pm PDT with a 90-minute lunch break.

Join the North American NADA community as we come together to learn and be inspired by the creative ways in which NADA providers in the Southwest region have been using the NADA protocol.

We will hear how the NADA protocol is supporting frontline healthcare workers living with trauma as a result of fighting COVID; how it supports people’s healing from addiction & trauma on the Pascua Yaqui Nation and ways in which it has mitigated stress and fear for individuals in the criminal justice system.

During the break attendees can engage in an interactive workshop on how to self-administer beads & seeds to relieve stress.

In breakout sessions after the lunch break there will be an opportunity to learn about legislative action to expand access to NADA in Arizona as well as NADA as a tool for social justice.

Program Snap-Shot

[10-11:30am PDT] Morning Session (3 panel discussions with interactive time for connection & dialogue)
  • Barefoot Acupuncture Movement: Resilience building as resistance to injustice, racism and violence
  • NADA for Service Providers Experiencing Vicarious Trauma
  • NADA Supporting Native American Health, Wellness and Community
[12-1:30pm PDT] Break + 3 Optional Workshops
  • Care for Caregivers: Virtual NADA Treatment
  • Beads and Seeds Training, Resource and Delivery Brainstorming
  • Connection Room: a space to connect informally with attendees
[1:30-3:00pm PDT] Afternoon Session (1 panel and then smaller breakout group discussions)
  • NADA in Criminal Justice Settings
  • NADA in Action! (Smaller breakout groups discussing NADA & Social Justice movements, NADA legislative advocacy, & more)

Sliding Scale Tickets

We are piloting a new model of sliding scale meeting tickets. If you can afford the higher end of the fee scale, please offer that payment to allow room for a range.

We are offering two tiers:
  • Ticket for CE credits ($30-75)
  • Ticket without CE credits ($10-$30)

The true cost of putting on this event is about $20/person (without CEs) and $45/person (with CEs). If it is possible please consider making a donation to help keep these and similar events accessible to all our members and their wider communities.

Help us spread the word

All are welcome to our first virtual NADA Regional Meeting. Learn more about past Regional Meetings.

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We look forward to seeing you at our first virtual regional meeting!

3.5 CEs applied for with NASW Arizona (for behavioral health providers) and NCCAOM (for acupuncturists).

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