Dr. Michael Smith was a pioneer

  • Micheal Smith, Public

NADA’s mission has a core, a sensitive central nervous system.  When any part of it gets hurt, the pain travels to every part.  Sooner or later, it reaches everyone.

Dr. Michael Smith was a pioneer, our mentor, our hero and most of all, our friend.  He left us early in life and with it, over 50 years of service to the communities he served. He was generous and kind, one of the good guys.  Working with him was not only about doing a job, it was about personal enrichment, including travels to different parts of the world and experiencing new cultures.

Dr. Smith’s life brought people from all walks of life together and now his passing is bringing us together again.  He will be sincerely missed but never forgotten.  Our friend, our hero.  Thank you, Mike.

With fond memories,
Carlos Alvarez

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