NADA Community Challenge: #BeadsPassItOn!

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We invite you to a #beadspassiton Community Challenge!

Share your own video of putting on your beads** and then ‘pass them on’.

Email [email protected] with a short video (<15 seconds) of yourself putting on your beads. Use ours as inspiration and then get creative – don’t over think it & then ‘pass them on’!

You can share your own and/or coordinate with a group from your community and send in your videos for us to put together. Our video is just the first – will you join us and help spread the word about beads & seeds?

“We’re talking about the body wanting to heal itself. This comes from life, so you are choosing your own healing. Nature wants us to get it right.†– Michael Smith, NADA Founder

**Beads refer to gold magnetic beads or vaccaria seeds if you have them. If you do not have those materials, you can use any small round object such as a mustard seed which can be secured with any Band-Aid/medical tape or other household tape that you have available. Be creative with what you have that is bigger than a poppy seed but smaller than a peppercorn.

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