Service Awards for Courage and Vision

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At the Southwest regional meeting we recognized a group of recovery mentors at the Magilligan Prison in Northern Ireland who have provided ear acupressure to their fellow prisoners. Before the pandemic, they also worked in the acupuncture clinic assisting Trish Cathcart, who introduced the NADA protocol into all the prisons in Northern Ireland. We made a service award for each mentor (Albert, Billy, Dessie, Eamon, Paul, Ryan C and Ryan T) and for Trish, recognizing their courage and vision.

Trish describes the situation at the prison since the onset of the pandemic: “The recovery mentors have not been permitted to leave their blocks and do any work with us. They are very much just trying to be a listening ear to others in their same blocks. Mental health and coping are difficult for us all, so you can imagine how difficult it is for these guys to be in a lockdown within a lockdown.

“Billy I haven’t seen since the start of lockdown as he is in a house block for older prisoners who are being shielded due to their age and the fact that many of them may have underlying health problems. Eamon was so delighted with his NADA award that he wanted a copy to send home to his mum, he was so proud. I laminated the certificates for the mentors to help keep the condition for them. Dessie is now home so I have posted his out to his home address – he is working and doing well since being released.â€

Of the mentors getting recognition for their work Trish wrote: “This will be such a boost for the guys as mental health and morale are pretty low, as no activities or family visits are allowed. They will love it.â€

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