Videos on working with the NADA protocol

Michael Smith Videos

Praxis 1 | 11:51

Michael Smith Presentation at a conference in Dusseldorf, Germany, 2003

Praxis 2 | 20:27

Michael Smith Presentation at a conference in Dusseldorf, Germany, 2003

Annual Video Contest

Re membering

American Indians and Alaska Natives experience challenges in everyday life related to the effects of ongoing trauma. Acudetox is a culturally resonant way of helping the healing process.
Dolores Jimerson – NADA 2017 Video Contest

NADA Wellness: Many Faces, Many Places

In the face of Southern Alberta’s disastrous flooding of 2013 which displaced 100,000 people and created a national emergency, a group of Calgary Acupuncturists mobilized and gave 2305 NADA “stress relief” treatments to evacuees, volunteers, and first responders for free.
NADA Video 2016: Trayah Zinger

Health for Heros

A Veteran of the Iraq and Afganistan Conflicts talks about his healing with Acupuncture and NADA through the VA Veteran’s Choice Program.
Evan Shepherd Reiff L.Ac. – NADA 2016 Video Contest

Other Acudetox Videos

Acuwellness on Campus

Watch how this simple, affordable and community building treatment is supporting college students.

Penn North Neighborhood Center

Both a model of success and a vision for the future of addiction treatment and recovery support, the Penn North Neighborhood Center (Penn North) is located at what might be considered the epicenter of the drug abuse crisis in the United States.

Unimagined Bridges Trailer

Documentary film about the use of the NADA protocol for trauma and disaster response, it chronicles NADA services provided after 9/11.

Veterans Integrative Pain Center PBS Video

Brilliant 3-min coverage of NADA at the Veterans Integrative Pain Center at the McGuire VA Medical Center.

The NADA section of the video starts at 8:24. Nice interview, Mark Farrington! (Mark Farrington is a NADA trainer in Virginia).

Discovery Channel

Auricular therapy (Ear acupuncture) for Symptom improvement of various Drug dependency on the Discovery Channel.