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Helena Kosmat:
The spirit of NADA is the ability to unite in silence, the silence that speaks, that unites, the energy that unites. The energy is in us and the spirit of NADA activates a resource that may have been asleep or forgotten for a moment. It is a pure blessing.

Olieta Horvat Kardoš:
The spirit of NADA is an integral part of life. NADA gives us light, love, happiness, goodness. It opens new and different doors for us to get closer to ourselves and others. NADA is the mover, consolation and freedom. NADA is selflessness, comfort and the spirit of Life.

Ksenija Vatavuk Margetić:
For me, it means sharing our inner state, the ability to find our inner resources, and the opportunity to connect with other people in a different way.

Good acts are like poems. One may easily get their drift but they are not rationally understood.
~ Albert Einstein

Reflection from Mia Å irac:
I had another clinic last week at our psychotherapy workshop. Since then, I have given many treatments individually, mostly at work. I feel good because I feel safe in giving treatments. I have no nervousness when I give it, there is no doubt. Just like it was said at the beginning of our training that it would come intuitively, it really comes to me, and I feel kind of tender when I give NADA. I’m really comfortable in that role.

Clinic attendee at an outdoor clinic:
I decided to be brave and give my energy a chance to flow – a chance for energy to be released. In those 6 days that I came regularly I felt more alive each day. I slept better, firmer and stronger. When I sang in the evening, even after the first treatment, I could already sense a freer flow of vibration in my head during the rehearsal. I hope the opportunity will come again. What an experience, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Clinic attendee at our first clinic:
First of all I would say I felt very calm. I felt a clarity in my mind, clarity in my eyes. My heart calmed. This is something wonderful, and I recommend it to everyone.

The post-earthquake training and subsequent volunteer work with the NADA protocol was greatly supported by the following contributors:

  • ACP Medical Supplies
  • Acurea and Lhasa OMS for needle, beads and seeds donations
  • OAZA Joyful Kitchen, location of the in-person training
  • Anonymous donor who supported in-person training expenses
  • Past and ongoing GoFundMe contributors who are making it possible to grow the work of NADA in Croatia