As part of our 2021 Membership Drive, we’re asking NADA members what their membership means to them. Here’s some of what members are saying:

Atum Baptiste, NADA Member, ADS, 3 yearsA black background with a white line on it

As a trained Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist (ADS) through NADA I have found yet another way to add to my skill set and confidence level when it comes to serving those whom need help most.


The NADA protocol excels in treating pain and addiction, but can be applied as an adjunct to therapy in nearly all settings. It is my thought that the protocol should be viewed as essentially a skill to equip yourself with as CPR.


Whether you are a clinician or not, consider what it takes to become a NADA member and trained ADS. Add to your life, and the lives of those around you, today!


Charlotte Astier, NADA Member, Trainer, ADS, 7 years

A black background with a white line on itWhen I discovered NADA, it was like I discovered the true purpose of life. No joke! Since I was old enough to think for myself, I wanted to change this silly, destructive, and unfair human global society. I was so revolted, but couldn’t find a way that was truly satisfying to engage myself in the world. Then, I discovered those 5 needles and the NADA spirit, their history, their practitioners and communities. And the planets were aligned in my universe!


NADA can reach the core of the soul, suddenly bringing calm, relief, and peace. At least, for a moment, I can forget what I’m going through, and instead there is a moment of pure freedom. Beyond any ideologies, any political ideals or spiritual theories, these NADA moments give me hope and faith. Without any words or conceiving of concrete ideas, I experience a moment that makes me believe my dreams of a better world are possible.I’m a NADA member and a NADA trainer and I work hard to make this practice recognized wherever I stand, to make it available to as many people as possible, because it’s worth it!


I got NADA tattooed under my skin, right on my heart. And I’m dedicated to sharing this tool of liberation with my fellow human beings. I know it’s not enough to change the world, but it is definitively a place from which to start.


Angie Easterling, NADA Member, ADS, 3 years

A black background with a white line on itBeing a member of NADA provides me with community, education, and a connection with other ADS’s, as well as people who specialize in treating substance and mental health disorders, including, trauma and PTSD. The early connection with NADA enhanced and made my ADS journey very positive right from the beginning.


My NADA membership has been the most important tool since becoming an ADS because the website provides colorful and educational information on the history of NADA, which has helped me to fully understand the “Spirit of NADA.â€


When I became an Acudetox Specialist I looked forward to receiving my issues of Guidepoints each quarter and the Membership Café is also a fun and helpful resource.


I became aware of how important my NADA membership was when COVID-19 hit our area and many resources for our recovery community began to shut down. I continued to serve people the best I could by providing outside clinics with social distancing while also following the NADA’s “best practices†to keep my clients and myself safe.


The NADA website has been a great resource for me as I have begun to educate my community and local organizations that serve the recovery population in my area.

Herlly Camacho, NADA Member, ADS, 3 monthsA black background with a white line on it

I find the NADA protocol an easy and very effective tool to help my patients, family, friends, and my community. After researching the NADA Association history, I decided to sign into the membership because it gives me a sense of “fair share and a civil responsibility†to participate in a good cause and to make an impact in my community. Therefore, I joined the NADA Association even before I completed my ADS training in Laramie, WY on April 2021.


I feel membership in a national organization is important for a couple of reasons:

  • Even though I’m relatively new NADA member, my membership, is giving me access to those who can help me to achieve my goals by putting me in touch with appropriate personnel with my employer: The Veteran’s Administration.
  • Membership is also providing me the opportunity to serve my community
  • I think that the membership provides me with credibility, as it promotes training and performance standards across providers.
  • The NADA members association ensures representation. As Acupuncture Detoxification Specialists, our voice is stronger as we develop a robust and supportive community.
  • The membership is an excellent source to networking, make bridges and connections, but also allows me to create strong bonds with other members.
  • Membership validates our working values and provide credibility in our doing and practice philosophy.


I am overwhelmed by the help and support I have received from my instructor and the administrative team at the NADA organization and invite everyone interested, to enjoy and reap the benefits of being part of this community.Thanks NADA Association!