ADS Training

Become an Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist

Become an Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist – ADS



Earn a certificate of training nationally recognized in the United States and Canada that connects you to an international community of NADA providers.

NADA trainers lead workshops and training sessions on the use of acupuncture in the field of mental health, addictions, recovery and as part of disaster relief efforts.

Trainings are provided through public and private agencies, acupuncture schools, and individual practitioners.

State, provincial, tribal and regional laws and regulations vary when it comes to non-acupuncturists practicing acudetox. NADA is working on public health initiatives to expand access to NADA training and practice for allied health workers.


Notice to Those Inquiring About  ADS Training

Thank you for visiting the NADA website, and thank you for your interest in the Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist training.        

In order for your experience to be a positive one please note the following:

  • All Registered Trainers in good standing with the NADA organization can be found in the Registered Trainers List on this website. 
    • ONLY those listed on the website are eligible to provide our training.  If the person offering a training is not listed please contact the NADA office. You will be assisted to find a NADA approved RT near you.
    • All official NADA approved training are posted on this website, both public and closed/ agency trainings.
  • If you enroll in a training that is nposted here, and you do not enroll on this site in our digital membership and payment system                                                                      You will not receive a NADA certificate of completion                                                                You will not be registered in the NADA data base.                                                                    You will not receive an official NADA-ADS number                                                                      You will not be eligible to pursue NADA Registered Trainer status as the training                you  received was not approved/ sanctioned by the NADA

Please feel free to contact the NADA office or the Training Chair through the NADA office if you have any questions or concerns. There will be no exceptions to this protocol . 

Who Can be Trained to be an ADS?

Members of the following professions have been trained as acudetox specialists in localities that approve them as providers:

  • Addictions & harm reduction counselors
  • Mental health therapists & social workers
  • Correctional officers & drug court personnel
  • Disaster relief teams and trauma support center staff
  • First responders, health promoters, nurses, and EMTs
  • Acupuncturists, medical doctors

Check your State and Provincial Laws for more info

Upcoming ADS Training

Please check with each trainer about the status of a listed training.

Apr 17, 2024-May 3, 2024
Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services CLOSED Training
Glen Allen, VA
Apr 20, 2024-Apr 22, 2024
ADS Training with Virginia June LMSW, CAADC, RT, ADS
ANN ARBOR, Michigan
Apr 27, 2024-Apr 28, 2024
Capacitación del Protocolo NADA conSalud y Acupuntura para el Pueblo-Trainer José Santini


List of Registered Trainers

Name State Contact
Angela Easterling TN

Anita Dungo-Uldrich (Apprentice)

Avani Dillinger CO

Barbara Starke MI

Barbara Weaner (apprentice) WV


Colleen Curran LA

Danialle Rose SD

Debra Farrell MI

Denise Romano CT

Dolores Ann Jimerson OR

Eleni Fredlund NM

Elissa Kent MI

Eva Hurst LA

Evan Sheppard Reiff CA

Felicitas Gontag DE

Franczine Caldwell IL

Glen Gottner IL

Jose Santini PR

Juan Cortez NY

Julia Bennet NY

Katura Bryant CT

Khensu Carter FL

Kimberly Kile MI

Lori Slaunwhite Nova Scotia

Nat Hurse

Marla Lucero CO

Patricia Clarke AZ

Paul Silcox OH

Rhonda Coleman AZ

Sharon Rojas Jennings MD

Sue Tham Az

Sybil Marsh OH

Teal Harvey MD

Veronique Le Goaix Ottowa

Victoria Taylor VA

Virginia June MI

Warren Leggett MD

Yvetter Miller NC

Michelle Perlmutter NC

Ani MacKinnon Toronto

Ray Shaw MD