Tributes published in honor of Michael Smith

John Weeks, Integrative Practitioner:  
“Do you want to empower patients?” The question was put to a small group of us who had chosen a breakout session with Michael O. Smith…" (Read more)

Jack Miller, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine:
"Dr. Michael Smith, MD was a pioneer in our field… " (Read more)                                                         

Lisa Rohleder, POCA:
"I met him when I was an acupuncture student in 1992 and he came to do a lecture at my school, which for me was like rain on a desert..." (Read more)

Acupuncture Today:
"Here are a few of his other successes, documented in a self-authored curriculum vitae provided by NADA..." (Read more)

Laura Cooley, Valley News:
"His name may not mean much to Granite Staters, but his commitment and contributions to substance misuse treatment mean more to us now than ever..." (Read more, 3rd story down)

Diana Fried and Melanie Rubin, Acupuncturists Without Borders:
"Michael Smith was one of my early mentors around thinking about how to bring the medicine of peace that we carry with acupuncture onto the global scene..." (Read more)

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