ear acupuncture, beads and seeds for addictions, stress and trauma

NADA Protocol for the Pandemic – Returning to In-person Treatment

NADA Protocol

The NADA Protocol can be easily used in any location where a group of people can sit together. It is most commonly used for addictions, behavioral health, disasters & emotional trauma. It is a technique that is versatile, effective and economical.


A variety of  Healthcare Practitioners and Community Members have been trained as Auricular Detox Specialists (ADS)  including addiction workers, acupuncturists, community health workers, social workers, and family members.


We have a robust resource section full of research articles, videos, eligibility requirements for training, and more. Joining NADA will open up access to all past issues of our newsletter, Guidepoints, as well as other documents.

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The Spirit of NADA creates a zone of peace within
so patients can begin to experience their
own inner strengths.  ~ Michael Smith

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NADA Work in Australia Grows

NADA Work in Australia Grows

In late 2020, Sydney based Acupuncture for Community launched a new website. Check-out their work and latest news & events. There is NADA work in dozens of countries across the world. Learn more about NADA work beyond North America. Acupuncture for Community is...

Membership Spotlight: Karen Marrero Chong

Membership Spotlight: Karen Marrero Chong

I recall being 15 years old when I realized for the sake of my own independence that to heal myself and to help those around me, that I must learn everything I can about health and healing. I remember being fascinated when I first heard in acupuncture school something about the NADA protocol and the points on the ears…so I went off to the Bronx to Lincoln Hospital to learn about that because it was something I felt I could immediately start integrating into the work I already did.




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