NADA Full Circle: Looking Back Into the Future

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November 10, 2020 marked the 50th Anniversary of the takeover of Lincoln Hospital and founding of Lincoln Detox. Public attention on NADA’s early revolutionary years in 2020 inspired us to initiate a NADA history series: NADA Full Circle – Looking Back Into the Future.

The acupuncture collective — there were 6 of us — we came from a revolutionary perspective because the world was in revolution. This history is a history of struggle. It’s a bittersweet history. We lost a lot of people to state repression, to prison and to drug overdoses. But we continue the struggle.

– Walter Bosque, Young Lord, NADA RT, Lincoln Detox Acupuncture Collective Member (February 2021 Membership Cafe)

Over the course of 2021 we will explore questions of how we got to where we are today and the stories we’ve told and not told about NADA’s origins.

We should take pride that this movement is from a collective – Young Lords, Black Panthers. The collective wouldn’t have started without the activists. It wouldn’t have moved around the world without Dr. Smith.

– Juan Cortez, NADA RT (July 2020 Membership Cafe)

The series will be a space for community dialogue, connection, and healing.

Our goal is to have a more complete understanding of NADA’s roots and legacy. With a more conscious awareness of these origins, we can intentionally fulfill our mission of making the NADA protocol available and accessible to all as a tool for community building, healing, and liberation.

This history series is an opportunity for learning and reconciliation. It is a way for our community to come together, full circle. So many social injustices facing communities in the 1970s are still with us today. Only by looking back can we gain strength, insight and inspiration to find our next steps forward as the NADA movement.

-Sara Bursać, NADA executive director

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Our first event will be held March 26, 2021 at 10am PDT/11am MDT/12pm CDT/1pm EDT. Register today to attend or receive a recording. This series will be suggested donation and open to the public. All proceeds will go toward speaker honorariums and supporting a local grassroots organization. TBA at the events.

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