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NADA in Your Community: Amherst, NS

Amherst, Nova Scotia
Oct 27, 2018
NADA in Your Community: Amherst, NS

Join us for our first NADA meeting in Canada!

We are being hosted by NADA Board Member, Betsy Prager, in her hometown of Amherst, Nova Scotia, a province that contains many beautiful natural wonders and also a long-standing history of the presence of the NADA protocol.

ADS Training

There will be a NADA training that begins on Wednesday, October 26th and concludes at the end of the meeting on Saturday, October 27th.

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National NADA Conference in Austin, TX

Austin, Texas
Mar 21, 2019 - Mar 23, 2019

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Past Conferences and Meetings

We’ve got some great presentations from past conferences and meetings in the Resource Section.