Acu-detox Training with Rolli and MK in Denver

Aug 15, 2020 - Aug 16, 2020

The Empowerment Program
Denver, CO

Acu-detox Training with Rolli and MK in Denver

Thank you for your interest in a NADA training. COVID-19 has certainly caused us to become more creative in how we teach NADA. Instead of our traditional 3-day training with volunteer practice sessions we are offering a modified two-day training open only to persons who have access to an Acu-Detox Specialist who commits to supervising the trainee after the training weekend. In this way, the trainees can complete the required treatments outside the weekend and we can eliminate the need for volunteers entering the building.
We will cover all of the didactic material usually included in our 3-day training and include practice sessions for the trainees to learn the points and needle placement on each other following all CDC guidelines on COVID safety. This includes mandatory masking throughout the weekend, temperature checks and frequent sanitization. The group is limited to 12 persons.
We provide the materials the trainee needs to embark on their NADA journey: the manual, flash drive of our PowerPoints, 500 needles, an apron, etc. all in a NADA imprinted canvas tote. We have reduced the price of the training from our customary $425 to $375 because of the shortened format.
If interested, please go to our website to register.


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