Before reading our Guidepoints Winter 2019/20 Issue, we invite you to listen to a short message from Sara Bursać, NADA’s Executive Director.

Click here for a PDF of Guidepoints Winter 2019/20.

Transcript of Sara’s message:

Dear friends and members of NADA – all of us at NADA are hoping that you are staying safe and healthy in this moment. And we wanted to share with you right now the Winter issue of Guidepoints, which we are releasing electronically for the moment.


Due to the global situation we are in, we will not be doing a printing until the summer. We understand that all of us currently have many different priorities to tend to – so we encourage you to read this when you can.


The theme of this issue is a reflection on NADA as an organization. And if you’d like you can take the opportunity to reflect on your own experience with NADA, both the protocol and the organization. And we would like to hear your reflection, so please send it to us. Thank you so much, and be well.

Stories in this issue:

  • NADA is Not a Government, by Michael Smith
  • The Task at Hand, by Sara Bursać
  • Humility, by Joan
  • Reflections from NADA Staff of the Past 10 Years
  • NADA Finland’s 20th Anniversary

Click here for a PDF of Guidepoints Winter 2019/20.