by Janet Pimentel Paredes
president of NADA Philippines.

Joann Codillo, Jan Mikael Delis and Edel Pantua, acu-detox specialists (ADSes) in the Philippines, organized a health mission last November 2020 in the Albay region. This area had been very much affected by three typhoons that caused loss of life and injuries, and extensive dam-age to homes due to mud flow from the Mount Mayon volcano.

NADA Philippines coordinated with the barangay leadership to make the health mission possible. There was a total of fifty people, ranging in ages from 6 to 78, who received the NADA ear acupuncture. Most of their challenges were anxiety and difficulty sleeping, and the majority of people were finally able to relax and sleep during the treatment.

At first, some people were hesitant about receiving the NADA protocol. After an explanation from the volunteers, they were all encouraged to take the treatment. We had a very young person, Kyla, who was traumatized after experiencing mud flow in her family’s barangay. After her treatment, she encouraged her playmates, with their parents’ con-sent, to also try it.

One ADS said, “I prepared myself, not to think of COVID-19. My mind set was to help the people in need.”  She added that there was a feeling of fulfillment every time you would see the smiles on their faces after they dozed off. Another ADS also commented on the smiles and glow on the people’s faces during and after treatment. Thank you, NADA Philippines, for the opportunity to be part of this health mission. 