Topic: Keynote Address by John Weeks

John Weeks is a writer, speaker, chronicler, and organizer whose work in the movement for integrative health and medicine began in 1983.  He is publisher-editor of The Integrator Blog News & Reports, which since 1995- in various forms- has created primary connective terrain for the diverse stakeholders and professions in the field. Four academic institutions have granted Weeks honorary doctorates for his work. Seattle-based, he considers himself a lucky soul to have worked remotely with his family in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Puerto Rico for the 6 of the last 15 years.

NADA Amidst the 50-year Evolution Toward Integrative Health



Topic: Emergent Strategies in NADA: The Road to New ADS Laws

Presenters:  Maine- Marie Arnberg and Mary Beth Hassett

West Virginia: Ardyth Gilbertson and Tara Welty

Emergent Strategies in NADA: The Road to New ADS Laws



Topic: Serving Those Who Serve

Presentaions by: Corneila Jones, Marti Stany, and Karen Williams

Serving Those Who Serve: NADA for Military and Veterans’ Communities



Topic: Personal Experiences with NADA
Presentation by Kiley Myers and Hope Person, Friday, March 22, 2019

Interning at the NADA Office



Topic: Growing NADA in Puerto Rico: An Exceptional Undertaking

Presentation by: Jose Santini and Celia Perez-Booth

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